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Annaliese (Rittershaus) Neff.

Creative. Artist. Lady. Booyeah.

Annaliese loves to make you (and your brand) look great. She wants you to be happy. And excited. And confident. You want that too, yes? Marvelous.

Annaliese has been working in the video and advertising industry for over a decade. She has worked as a Producer, a Post Producer, a Motion Graphics Designer, an Editor and a Creative - often wearing more than one hat at the same time. She has worked on large-scale solo projects, and has also managed teams of digital artists producing beautiful work. This combination has cultivated a very well adjusted understanding of creative business. 

As an editor and motion graphics designer, Annaliese has found that speaking the languages of both digital artist and producer makes for beautifully clear communication between team and client. Her ability to stay organized and creative throughout every job has made her a go-to in the post community. Her dualities include (but are not limited to):

  • A love of working in a dark room in solitude for a million hours, as well as a genuine enjoyment of team projects with lots of communication

  • A love of all things tech and codec speak, as well as branding and advertising biz speak

  • A love of joy-inducing viral video campaigns, as well as more serious approach messaging pieces

  • A love of diamonds, and also all things CZ and rhinestone, and many other sparkly things in case you were wondering







"Look at that smile! Get used to it if you're working with Annaliese. And she won't be the only happy one. Simply put, she makes everything she works on better. She delivers smart, creative solutions to problems you didn't even know existed. Great editor. Even better person."

Grady Winch, Executive Creative Director, Fuse Ideas

"I worked with Annaliese for several years and she is annoyingly good at everything she does. She is a great editor, she's great at motion graphics, she is a talented artist and designer. She is like an entire agency all in one single person. She is incredibly smart and loves learning new things and taking classes to make her better professionally. That's not all, she's an amazing person too. She is kind and generous, and easy to laugh and just makes you feel good being around her. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who will listen."

Jennifer Pantano Campbell, Group Art Supervisor, Cambridge BioMarketing

"Ok, I love this person. I've had the pleasure to work with Annaliese a handful of times at MMB. She's not an editor that you have to hold their hand the whole way. She gets what needs to be done and will even give you a fresher take on it. I always loved seeing a cut and being surprised with what she did. As an editor you get barked at with many demands/late hours etc. Annaliese always kept her cool and was a joy to sit with. Her dog is pretty darn cool too!"

Steve Cady, Senior Art Director, Kierschenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS)

"I cannot think of a single person who is more capable and self-possessed than Annaliese. I truly believe she can do anything. Her editing work is amazing; she instantly makes people around her feel comfortable and appreciated; she is constantly teaching herself new programs and skills; she throws killer parties. I simply could not hold her in higher esteem, and I vociferously recommend her for any job, anywhere, any time."

Rachel Brady, Post Producer, Hill Holliday

"Not only is Annaliese extremely talented, fast & efficient, she is also incredibly fun to work with. A ray of sunshine regardless of what you're cutting. Oh and she's got a killer voice, so you should use that too. You'd be lucky to work with her."

Collin Sheehan, Copywriter & Creative

"I worked with Annaliese on a variety of projects and she always finds a way to smoothly translate the creative vision into a beautiful and impactful piece of art. She understands the production process and can be trusted to work with very little supervision as well as working with a packed room. She will do anything needed to get the job done, and gracefully -- there's never room for sloppiness when working with her. Her extraordinary sense of style and artful thinking is evident in everything she touches. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, always wearing a charming smile. I would definitely recommend her for your next project!"

Melissa Johnson, Producer, MMB

"Annaliese is one of those special people who is both deeply skilled in the craft of video production and editing and also adept at figuring out the best way to tell your story and translating that into visual forms. We worked with her on a 5-minute new-product intro video for our major annual trade show, and she delivered an excellent finished product with extensive custom motion graphics that tightly incorporated our brand visuals and complex editing that looked like it cost six figures. This was delivered on budget and within a very tight schedule. Annaliese puts great care and skill into her work and has a great network of resources to provide clients a one-stop shop for wonderful work. I recommend her to everyone except my competitors!"

Colin Kingsbury, Co-Founder & President, Clear Company

"Annaliese is amazing. She has a creative heart and an organized mind. She's worked for me as both producer and designer and has excelled at both. She keeps calm in the middle of a job when things can get very crazy. She meets her deadlines and produces beautiful work. She has a strong design sense and takes direction well. She's also very pleasant to be around. You'll want to be around her. And that's a good thing when you're three weeks into a project and the client is going nuts. She'll even share her snacks with you. She rules."

Jeff Ledellaytner, Owner, Jamtron

"Annaliese is amazing. From the first creative call, through to production and delivery, projects stay on their target and smiles stay on their clients as she works her magic. I'm always impressed by her effortless ability to shift roles while playing on today's wide creative landscape. I think it has something to do with her remarkable ability to put herself in the shoes of others, see what they're seeing, and then warp back to her creative + logistical vantage point to deliver exactly what's needed, and then some. From producer to artist to instiller of happiness, Annaliese is a multi-facetted, valuable asset to any project."

Evan Fellers, Executive Producer / Partner at Black Math

"I've had the pleasure to work with Annaliese and see the impact of a professional producer who does above and beyond her call of duty. She is extremely personable and courteous, while still being a rigorously hard working producer who knows how to make the tough calls. She has a keen artistic eye and an impressive creative skill set for both the digital and traditional arts."

Louie Janetty, Senior Animator, Black Math

"Annaliese is the best kind of safety net. On any project, I know she is ready and willing to answer whatever question might arise-- be it an aesthetic concern, or an organizational problem. With a producer as knowledgable and talented as Annaliese, it's close to impossible to feel confused or lost on a job."

Steve Madden, Senior Animator, Black Math